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We will create a proof for your approval.

Then your Profile will be placed on your City Showcase.

Your portfolio and contact information will be immediately available to our members.

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We are interested in promoting you and your work to the other members of our community.

To do that, your purchase includes:

1. Design of your Profile

2. Placement of your Profile on your City Showcase webpage

3. Email of your Profile in our weekly "Exploring" newsletter

4. Post of your Profile to our 23,000 1st connections on Linked In

5. Entry in our contest (as space allows)

Promotion Plan (Included)

Here is how it works.

To bring in new business, most photographers rely on old friends, word of mouth and expensive reps. These are all good, and they should not be ignored.

However, you have an effective outreach tool which can be optimized.

That is your existing online portfolio.

You have spent hours, days, maybe weeks, keeping your portfolio just right. But getting the right people to see your work is challenging. Search Engine results are poor, and online advertising campaigns leave you scratching your head at the ridiculous cost of some key words.

There seems to be no smart way of getting your home page address into the right hands.

This is my solution...

I am a former advertising creative director, award show judge, and a guy who has hired many, many photographers. Today I serve as the executive director of Agency Contest.

In short, Agency Contest works online to bring the judging of advertising creative to the individual clients and creatives who do the work. We have 100's of creative directors and 100's of corporate marketing managers serving as current judges.

The truth is, I would not be surprised if 95% of these industry professionals have never seen your work, and therefore have never considered you for a project.

This is not a problem. This is an opportunity.

Step 1: The photographer profile

The most elemental piece of seizing this opportunity is the "profile."

It is important for new people to know who you are, to see either an image of your home page, or a representative image of your best work, and to read a limited amount of copy to give them a feel for what makes you different.

And it is important to give them a link to your website and contact information.

I call this your profile, and you can see a reduced size example below:

Step 2: Placement of your profile on your City Showcase

The largest 77 metro areas in the United States are represented in

Agency Contest with their own creative showcases.

This is where your profile and links can be found year round. Believe me, if a potential client remembers what city you are from, but can't recall your name, this listing becomes very handy.

Take a look at our photographers from San Francisco as an example of how our City Showcases work (reduced size):

Step 3: Featured in "Exploring American Photographers"

Every Thursday we circulate a new edition of our email dedicated to one profiled photographer. The recipients are 50% marketing and 50% agency. All are vetted on Linked In, and all serve as judges for Agency Contest.

And all are potential contacts and clients for you.

The email is dedicated to a single photographer, and shows their profile and an example of their work with a link to their portfolio. (Reduced size.)

Step 4: We post your feature to an additional 23,000 followers.

Not all of our followers are judges. We make sure to cover all of our Linked In 1st connections, which are all marketing and advertising connections, with a post to their feed.

Your dedicated showcase profile, with your picture, name, city, profession and profile link, will be seen by a large, new, audience.

Step 5: Placement in our Photographer Contest.

We feature 5 photographers at a time in our contest. Therefore, space is limited, and depending on requests that we get from profiled photographers, we may start charging for this placement.

If you are interested, the contest encourages our judges to visit portfolios and vote for the photographer they can see themselves working with.

The beauty of this interactive competition is that every judge who reviews your portfolio is a new set of eyes who otherwise would never have seen your work.

And if a judge votes for you, they will remember who they voted for and root you on - maybe even getting others in the industry to vote for you too.

In short, there are no losers in this contest. Here is a reduced size and partial version of the contest.

Time to put your website portfolio to work.

The unreal part of what I am proposing is that you do nothing.

I ask for a $29.99 annual fee, (not monthly!). Your profile will be designed for you, and your promotion plan will be put into effect immediately. Your job will be to review and approve your profile, and then see how many new visits you have to your online portfolio over the next 12 months.

Painless, easy, and effective.

Agency Contest

You be the judge.

Gregory Clow, Executive Director

"After getting burnt out on portfolio reviews,

it's great to have

an affordable option."

Kevin Landes

  Photographer, Los Angeles

"I found

Agency Contest

to be a great way to generate leads."

Cameron Day,

Author, CD/Copywriter


Here is how we do it.

There are over 364,000 projects awarded to photographers every year.

The key metric is how many decision makers see your work and know to consider you.

At Agency Contest, we do 2 things of importance to you:

We run 15 advertising creative contests – which attracts 1000's of agency creative people, and client marketing people. This is your target market.

We send 1 dedicated email to each of our members once a week showing the work of one photographer. This gets your work seen.


"Here are 1,000 new people that would not have seen my work."

Scott Pommier

Commercial Photographer






Annual Recurring for $29.99

600 to 700 impressions

Annual Recurring for $319.99

16,800 to 19,600 impressions

"No brainer!"

Ken Pivak

Commercial Photographer, Los Angeles


The Pivak Plan

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Annual Recurring for $29.99

600 to 700 impressions

Annual Recurring for $319.99

16,800 to 19,600 impressions

"No brainer!"

Ken Pivak

Commercial Photographer, Los Angeles


The Pivak Plan